Mahatma arquitectos (great spirit architects) is a full service company within the architectural processes. What differentiates us from other studies is that we codesing with our clients, we engage them into the project through collaborative design tools. In addition, we are experts in biodomotic architecture to save costs using the natural resources.



Each client comes to us with a set of dreams, limitations and expectations. Our mission is to understand, sort them out and propose solutions. We have found out that customers who participate in the whole process end up having a very positive impact on the final quality product and user satisfaction.

We work with them through:


- EASY-CONTROLLABLE PROTOTYPES in which the client feels and plays its project. His opinions and views make it grow from a realism point, sincerity and transparency.

- PANDORA-BOX contains the prototype itself while it is evolving and remains with the client as he takes it as his own project and complete it. In this way, the client provides a tactile and a visual information very valuable and the prototype becomes a “way of thinking together”.


Throughout different point of views and experiences (tactile, visual and psycological ones), the client will naturally define their own tastes and likes, adding them up to the final result.


All files generated (from the first contact with the customer-developer to the evaluation process once the work is finished) are expressed by a Road Map, called CUADERNO DE BITÁCORA 2.0, which the customer can view, download and fill in the website through a private code given to log in.



A biodomotic building represents a quality leap for the building and taking care of our ecosystem.

Although the construction cost is slightly higher (about 3%), that increse is easily compensated with decreasing energy expenditure, water and other natural resources, as well as increasing level of comfort, safety, sound insulation and universal accessibility.

In a biodomotic building you must take into account the “passive systems” (those that perform their function naturally as guidance or materials) and other assets (that complement and help to expand existing natural resources such as solar collectors, wind and geothermal reclaimers or recycled rainwater).

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