Mahatma I+D+I

Mahatma I+D+I


Architectural tenders for mahatma represent a place of reflection, search and hybridization with other disciplines. We have the experience and suitable methodology to undertake national and international projects and we are open to collaborate with other professionals.


Leveraging the synergies created in the theoretical, mahatma has created a database of materials, supported by real companies in the sector, with high organic content for construction.

This allows us to offer a comparative budget to each application and to other materials, explaining the savings for redemption. The goal is always to be transparent with the client from an ecological and environmentally friendly ways.


The need for specific training courses are not available or accessible by cost and location, so the situation encouraged us to embark ourselves with our multidisciplinary partners “muevetusneuronas”: Research and Study Institute of New Technologies Applied to Architecture, Automotive, Computer and Business World, where we are to both students and teachers, we share what we know and learn from curiosity and reflection. More information, please click the following link


Mahatma architects has implemented the Quality System and Environment under the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004 in order to improve our performance. To do this, we establish, declare and assume the following principles:

- Our main goal is to ensure our customers the services at all times cover your requirements and needs as well as legal and regulatory requirements related to conducting our business meets the standards of quality, and being respectful to the world environment.

- We commit ourselves to continuously improve the quality of our services and our attitude to the environmental impacts generated by our business.

- Train and sensitize staff and collaborators, making them participants in our policy to cooperate actively in this cause.

- Assess in advance the potential impacts in the environment from all new activities, products and processes.

- Implement measures to reduce the impact of significant environmental aspects of our activities, works and services, prevent pollution, minimize resource consumption and promote energy efficiency and savings in their facilities.

- Maintain constant contact with customers, by the method of participation, in order to collaborate together to improve the quality of the works and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

- From the management team, we also commit ourselves with society to provide benefits gained through its Corporate Social Responsibility.

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